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King Silver Flair Trumpet Review

If you are looking for a good quality intermediate trumpet for an aspiring student or personal use, the King Silver Flair trumpet (Model 2055) is worth considering. Originally manufactured by H.N. White, A long standing best seller, the King Silver Flair trumpet made our short list as one of the best intermediate trumpets in our list of the top 15 trumpets.

About the King Silver Flair Trumpet

IThe King Silver Flair trumpet has a 0.462-inch bore and a 4.9-inch seamless bell that is highly responsive and gives easy control and projection. An optional 1st slide trigger available on the King 2055T model provides for easy intonation adjustment. If you prefer a traditional 1st valve thumb saddle you'll want to get the King 2055S model. The 3rd slide in the trumpet has an adjustable stop that further enhances the performance of this instrument. This sliver-plated trumpet is not only beautiful but produces great sound with less effort.

IThis is one of the most popular trumpets of all time among many musicians all over the world.


  • Medium-large bore and responsive seamless bell allow easy projection and control
  • Optional 1st valve slide trigger for easy intonation adjustment
  • Monel pistons provides corrosion resistance and ensures a perfect fit and smooth action
  • Beautiful silver-plate finish
  • The King Silver Flair trumpet is one of the best rated intermediate trumpets by parents and musicians alike. Users of this trumpet give it a perfect rating of 5 stars (out of 5), putting it at the top of our list.

Versatile and Easy to Play

This trumpet is perfect for playing multiple styles of music from jazz to the marching field and easy to play as a number of players noted in their review of this instrument,

I got this horn right before my freshman year of high school. It has served me very well for four years. Plays great and is light weight which is a plus for marching band. A very good horn for intermediate players.

This horn was my first one, and I still consider it to be the best I've played. The tone is incredibly bright and it doesn't take much to control volume. The tuning of this horn is very easy to adjust.

I have been using this horn for three years now and it is the best horn on the market for intermediate players. I enjoy the sound it puts out and has served me the best out of every horn I have ever played.

The Model 1070 is something like a Besson Meha that Claude Gordon would have liked. It's a large .470" that will fill a hall. It has a lightweight bell that responds quickly and has a bright, lively sound. The 1070 (formerly known as the "Big Band" model) is great for large, loud ensembles like Latin or big band, show band, etc. However, it speaks very well at lower dynamic levels. It is appropriately balanced, but in my opinion is better suited to the strong, full-time player.

The Model 1000 and 1001 are not as bright as the 1070, but I want to say again that these are all easily colored by the player."

One Fine Trumpet

So what's the bottom line on the King Silver Flair Trumpet? Thumbs up in our book and here's why!

The King Silver Flair trumpet is not only beautiful, it delivers near professional-level sound and is easy to play whether you are in the Jazz band, orchestra or one the marching field. The optional trigger on the first valve provides for easy intonation adjustment and is just downright fun. If you are looking for a high quality trumpet to carry you through high school, college and beyond, the King Silver Flair is a great choice.