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Conn Connstellation Trumpet Review

Reminiscent of the King Legend, the Conn Connstellation trumpet (model 52BSP) has a large bore and is known for its dark, warm sound.

Sometimes advertised as a professional grade instrument, the Conn Connstellation trumpet was designed to meet the needs of intermediate level players who are looking for that professional look and sound.

Manufactured by C.G. Conn (now owned by Conn-Selmer), who has been known for its innovations in overall trumpet performance, the Conn Connstellation trumpet adds to Conn's legacy of superior trumpets of past generations.

The Conn Connstellation trumpet made out list of the top 5 best intermediate trumpets available today.

A Heavyweight Horn With Knockout Power

If you are looking for a heavyweight trumpet with a sound that's on the dark side, the Conn Connstellation trumpet should be right up your alley. The short throwing pistons and the heavy top caps of the trumpet make note changes that are ultra clean and quick. Thanks to a reversed leadpipe and heavy weight construction, this horn projects like a bat out of hell.


The Conn Connstellation trumpet receives rave reviews and feedback from players of this horn. Comments like these are common,

Exceeded all my expectations. Quality is first rate. It is absolutely stunning! - Kyle Style of music, Jazz. (Chicago, IL)

Great horn, quite Heavy, but super powerful. Very classy design. Bell engraving was very 'classic'. - James Perales Style of music Latin Jazz, Contemporary Christian, Cool Jazz. (Jersey City, NJ)

Case Could Use Improvement

I did note in few reviews that case could use some improvement,

...The case could of been designed a bit better, it fits a bit tight, especially with a "heavy mouthpiece in it's holder."

...The case looks cheap and it is not practical . The trumpet fits too tight and there is no storage space, not even for small mute.

Despite the shortcomings of the case, both these reviewers gave the Conn Connstellation trumpet a 5 star rating!

Bottom Line

Overall, the Conn Connstellation trumpet looks like a really great trumpet, in particular if you are looking for heavyweight trumpet that plays dark. Despite the typically dark sound, the Conn Connstellation trumpet focuses well and has clear overtones. The addition of the weighted valves make for a fast responding heavy weight horn. There are not many other horns in its price range that can compare to the craftsmanship and quality of the Connstellation. Its best uses include accompaniment, school bands, jazz clubs, small venues, and even symphonies.