Seaside Jazz Festival

February 25 thru 28, 2016
















All venues are non-smoking, have food and beverages available, and are handicap accessible.  The venues themselves vary from intimate settings allowing for an up close listening experience, to larger rooms that can become quite the party.  Since all the bands rotate between venues, we feel certain you'll find the listening experience you desire.

So you may conserve your energy for dancing, there is a free Shuttle service that runs between venue locations.  While there is no set shuttle schedule, they do regularly run between the venues, or you may call for a pick-up at (503) 738-5772.

     Pacific Room:  The "Main Stage" of the festival, this venue features balcony seating and a large dance floor.
     Necanicum Room:  Next door to the Pacific room, this larger venue features a dance floor, plenty of seating, and a view of the river.  Oh, and adult beverages too.
    Riverview Room:  On the second floor of the Convention Center, this smaller venue offers an up close listening experience, with a river view.  If you are looking for a more intimate and relaxed setting, this should fit the bill.
Returning this year is the Ocean View Resort.  A smaller venue located along the "prom",  this venue allows you the opportunitiy to kick back and enjoy the music, or take a little swing on its dance floor.

Seaside Elks Lodge:

      A popular spot for both listening and dancing, this venue has everything you need;  good seating, a larger dance floor, full service bar, and food.
Please note that performances at all Festival venues are protected by copyright law, therefore, no video, or audio recording is allowed


 This Festival is organized and presented by the Lighthouse Jazz Society, which is a non-profit organization.

A portion of this project was made possible from a grant from the Seaside Tourism Advisory Committee, funded by room tax



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