Seaside Jazz Festival

February 22 thru 25, 2018
















2018 Performer Lineup:

 The Seaside Jazz Festival presents a performer lineup of the highest caliber.  The performers selected to play at the Festival represent some of the best musicians playing today, and while these performers often stay "true" to the standards, they also present original pieces, and in the true jazz tradition, add their own style to the music.  Because our festival is about music and having fun,  we also feature performers outside of the "Jazz" genre, this diversity makes for a truly entertaining event.

Here is the 2018 band lineup featuring some of the hottest names on the festival circuit.  For fans familiar with these artists, we are sure you'll agree this is a top flight bill.  If you would like more information about the bands, just click on their name, or logo, to visit a band's own site.

This lineup is subject to change, so check back for changes, or simply show up and enjoy the music.

High Sierra  
An American  Rag readers poll  recently pronounced the High Sierra Jazz Band the second  most popular traditional jazz band ever.
Tom Rigney & Flambeau
This is a band that generates enough heat and energy to ignite a dance floor or lift an audience to its feet.
 Dave Bennett Quartet:

Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band 

Since 1971, Seattle's Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band has specialized in authentic sounding Dixieland jazz and ragtime.



Ivory and Gold®  
Praised as a musical duo that can “draw out the beauty in the rich melodies and play the music...with taste, sensitivity, and a real affection for the idiom", Jeff and Ann Barnhart present the softer side of Jazz.


 Stephanie Trick & Paola Alderighi,

with Danny Coots:




Black Swan Jazz Band

An entertaining, artistic group that loves performing hot jazz, ragtime and old-time gospel with a distinctive, original flair.


Bob Draga with Friends:  Whether you like it shaken, or stirred, Bob Draga mixes his own cocktail of talented musicians to produce shows that are unique and enjoyable.



 The "All New" High Street Party Band with Brian Casserly:    New to the festival this group plays a great upbeat set.  Don't worry about  these Wild, Crazy colorful zoot suited guys, they're just looking to  having a party.


 Dave Bennett and The Memphis Speed Kings:

When these guys hit the stage you're in for a fast ride. Enjoy the trip as the spirits of Jerry Lee Lewis, and the greats of his time, take the wheel.



Rock Island Roustabouts: The Rock Island Roustabouts bring a spirit of creativity and excitement to each performance, combined with a tremendous respect for the Classic Jazz pioneers..


Blue Street:  

A true force of musicality, integrity, stability, and professionalism in the performance of Dixieland Jazz.


Gino and the Lone Gunmen:  Gino and the Lone Gunmen is a 3 piece band that performs a rockin' mix of ROCKABILLY, SWING, BLUES, COUNTRY, and Vintage ROCK and ROLL. 


  This Festival is organized and presented by the Lighthouse Jazz Society, which is a non-profit organization.
A portion of this project was made possible from a grant from the Seaside Tourism Advisory Committee, funded by room tax



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