Oregon Dixieland Jubilee- 2008 Ovation Award Winner

February 25th thru 27th , 2011


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Jazz Links:

Festivals/ Jubilees:

Sun Valley Jazz Festival

Oregon Dixieland Jubilee (here in Seaside, silly) (Feb)

Coos Bay (OR) Clambake (Mar)

Dixieland Monterey (CA) Festival (Mar)

Spring Dixiefest (Vancouver, BC) (Mar)

Jazz in the Olympics (Port Angeles, WA) (Apr)

Redwood Coast Dixieland Jazz Festival (Eureka, CA) (Apr)

Jazz Jubilee Sacramento (CA) (May)

San Clemente (CA) Dixieland by the Sea Jazz Festival (May)

Greater Olympia Dixieland Jazz Society (Olympia, WA) (June)

Summit Jazz Festival (Denver) (Sept)

Medford (OR) Jazz Jubilee (Oct)

Swing 'n' Dixie Jazz Jubilee (Sun Valley, ID)

Jubilee By The Sea (Pismo Beach, CA) (Oct)

Vancouver (BC) Dixiefest (Oct)

Ocean Shores (WA) Dixieland Jazz Festival (Nov)

North Coast Ragtime Festival (Sacramento) (Nov)

San Diego Thanksgiving Dixieland Jazz Festival (Nov)


Jazz Societies:

Greater Olympia Dixieland Jazz Society

North Island Hot Jazz Society

Puget Sound Traditional Jazz Society (e-mail only)

Vancouver (BC) Dixieland Jazz Society

Other Jazz Stuff:

America's Largest Traditional Jazz and Ragtime Newspaper:The American Rag



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