Seaside Jazz Festival

February 22 thru 25, 2018















      2018 Corporate Sponsors:  


 Lighthouse Jazz Society

City of Seaside Tourism  Advisory Committee



     2018 Grand Band Sponsors:


Jack & Barbara McCown - Dave Bennett & The Memphis Speed Kings

Jack & Barbara McCown -   Gino & The Lone Gunmen












2018 Band Sponsors:  


 Dean Martin     Rod & Bev Grosso

 Ibby Brook       Dennis Adrian  




Festival Shuttles Sponsored by:




Want to be a sponsor? 

Contact us:

 Telephone:                                                          Postal Address:                                      Electronic mail:
1-866-345-6257                             P.O. Box 813                    
 Monday thru Friday                          Seaside, OR 97138-0813
9am to 5pm Pacific       

This Festival is organized and presented by the Lighthouse Jazz Society, which is a non-profit organization.

A portion of this project was made possible from a grant from the Seaside Tourism Advisory Committee, funded by room tax



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