Seaside Jazz Festival

February 23 thru 26, 2017















What is the Festival?

This music filled event takes place in Seaside Oregon located on the beautiful North Oregon coast, and is dedicated to preserving the swinging sounds of a "true American" musical art form.  Whether it's Ragtime, Dixieland, Traditional Jazz, or Swing, the genres of this great music are many and diverse.


We strive to present a Festival, which showcases the traditional, while at the same time presenting musicians who are original and fun.  It's not just about "jazz", it's about music and having fun.

We invite you to come to the Festival where you will undoubtedly find that your toes will begin tappin' to the music. You may even find yourself swaying to a romantic tune on the dance floor, if not swinging to an up tempo beat.

Oh, and don't miss the Trails End Art Association art show and sale being held in the Convention Center Lobby.   See the Trails End Art Website


  How long does it last?

The main festival starts on Friday afternoon and runs until Sunday afternoon.  There is a special Thursday night performance to kick things off with a featured band.

How many Performances?

Each band, or performer, plays multiple sets through out the Festival, moving between venues. These sets typically average at least an hour.  It has not been unheard of, however, for the last set on Saturday night to go much longer (you just have to give the band the right motivation.)

What about Venues?

There are five featured venues and all the venues are located in the downtown area of Seaside.  All are within easy walking distance of one another, or there is a free shuttle service running between them.


Kick-off Party!!!!

Check out our pre-party party.  Start your Jazz weekend off early with a special Thursday night show.



This Festival is organized and presented by the Lighthouse Jazz Society, which is a non-profit organization.

A portion of this project was made possible from a grant from the Seaside Tourism Advisory Committee, funded by room tax



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